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Nijiya Gift Card $25

Price: $25.00
* About Store Price


‘Please write your choice of design on the Comment area from the following options.
(If you'd like to send a message, write it down on the Comment.)

1. Ume
2. Cup
3. Vegetable
4. Green & Pink

Holiday Design:
5. Ship
6. Christmas
7. Snow
8. New Year

- Redeem and reload at any Nijiya Market Retail Store
- Cards do not expire and have no fees
- Check your card balance by calling toll free 1-888-892-3813 or go to www.cardbalance.net

‚P`‚S‚Μ•Ώ‚π‚¨‘I‚Ρ‚Ι‚Θ‚θAƒRƒƒ“ƒg—“‚ɔԍ†‚π‹L“ό‚΅‚Δ‚­‚Ύ‚³‚’B ƒƒbƒZ[ƒW‚ΰ‘‘‚θ‚½‚’κ‡‚́AƒRƒƒ“ƒg—“‚Φ‚²‹L“ό‚­‚Ύ‚³‚’B

- ƒjƒWƒ„ƒ}[ƒPƒbƒg‘S“X‚Ε‚²—˜—p‚Ι‚Θ‚κ‚ά‚·B
- ƒJ[ƒh‚Ι—LŒψŠϊŒΐ‚βŽθ”—Ώ‚Ν‚²‚΄‚’‚ά‚Ή‚ρB
- Žc‚Ζ‰ο‚Ν1-888-892-3813‚ά‚½‚Ν www.cardbalance.net ‚ά‚Ε

[Nijiya Market Gift Card General Terms]
Use of the Nijiya Gift Card constitutes acceptance of the following terms and other terms that may be imposed from time to time by the Nijiya Market.
This card may be used only at Nijiya Market retail locations. Unless otherwise required by applicable law, this card will not be replaced if lost or stolen, has no cash redemption value, and is non-refundable. This card does not expire and no fees will be assessed.
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